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Braun receiving transformer from 1904 Crystal receiver from 1914 with "loose coupler" tuning transformer. Because the Image frequency when mixed with the LO also creates a signal at the IF, the RF image rejection filter on the input of the receiver filters out any radio signal at the image frequency. 1731) ^ Hong, Sungook (2001). 187-190 ^ a b c d Terman, Frederick E. New York: The Review of Reviews Co. 31-48 ^ Jed Z. 91 ^ McNicol, Donald (1946) Radio's Conquest of Space, p. Block diagram of a tuned radio frequency receiver. 209-221 ^ Fleming, John Ambrose (1910) The Principles of Electric Wave Telegraphy and Telephony, p. Crystal detector (cat's whisker detector) - invented around 1904-1906 by Henry H. MD5 cbf468ef0ccc362444ee9e17e2cbfbc2 SHA1 93bd65abbbcdf50e649d4130e252309816a209b2 . 336-340 ^ Terman, Frederick E. ^ McNicol, Donald (1946). 574-575 ^ a b c McNicol, Donald (1946) Radio's Conquest of Space, p. White's United States Early Radio History website ^ Terman, Frederick E. Many radio receivers also include a loudspeaker. Double-conversion superheterodyne: In choosing the intermediate frequency (IF) used in a superhet, there is a tradeoff between image rejection and selectivity.[126][129] Since the separation between the desired frequency and the image is 2fIF, the higher the IF, the farther apart these two frequencies are, and the better the image rejection. Radio Receiver Theory. of the AIEE. Wireless: From Marconi's Black-box to the Audion. The first tubes used 6V at several amperes, so lead-acid automobile batteries were often used, as they could be recharged. ea41d647aa

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